My Latest Obsession

My Latest Obsession: Gnomes the Sequel

So one thing you should know about me is I am a craft tweaker. Which means I like to take a craft I have done or one I see done and change it for, what I believe is, the better. I also love rules and I have many, like the Three Tweak Rule.  This rule states that I make no more than three major tweaks to a craft otherwise I believe the craft deviates too far from the original intent, plus you just have to stop at some point. Otherwise you become the craft equivalent of Jack from the Shining, “All craft and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”. This said I took a good long look at my first gnome, with whom I was good and happy, and wondered what could I tweak.

I came up with two things his beard and the material I used for the base and hat. So this time I went to another craft Mecca, JoAnn’s. I found that the beard like fabric was still expensive there but I did pick up some nice flannel for sixty percent off which was awesome! So I am wandering around the store trying to come up with something for the beard when I realize I am surrounded by yard! That is what I will use for the second gnome. So I bought a couple cheap skeins of yarn and headed home.

So I also decided to add a little height to the second gnome, but I had already planned for that when I bought the florist rounds from the Dollar Tree. I dressed the cone and pre-made the hat then I began the work on the beard. A look online for some ideas for yarn beards yielded a plan which had me separating yarn strands from four to two strains. It gave the beard more fuzz and curl. I decided to add a braided mustache because why not! Lastly, added some white fuzz to keep a continuity with the first gnome since they are all going to be on display at work.


I am pretty happy with gnome version 2.0, but as I was finishing him up my mind was already on to the next tweak, but that is a gnome for another blog! Stay crafty my friends!



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