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My Favorite Halloween Accessory

I love Halloween it’s my second favorite holiday, Christmas has the coveted top spot but by a slim margin, thinner than a whisker on that jolly old elf’s face! Still Halloween with its costumes and candy makes this girl super happy. A holiday that rewards my creativity with candy, sign me up! I grew up in a household that believes in creativity and Halloween was a great time to show it off. We always made my costume, many times it was just old clothes and a painted face but it was the gateway to a world I could create in my mind, and most often that gateway was open by a witch costume.


The best thing about the witch is it is a super versatile option, with a wide range of options.  You can go classic witch or old crone look where you go make up heavy and embrace the ugly, obviously little Janice was all about this look. Not gonna lie I feel like I look more like a demented Hamburglar in one of the above pics, but it did not matter in my mind I was a witch..  Alternatively there is the sexy witch with a cute black dress some tights and a sexy strappy shoe. Also I am a fan of the quirky witch like the candy witch or winter witch  where you theme out the witch you are going to be. No matter which witch you go with there is one piece you must lock down; the hat this is the pivotal ensemble piece for the witch .

Once I was on a work trip and had some down time to kill so myself and a coworker decided to go to one of those designer malls that used to be so popular. We were in the Sac’s store being blown away by what people with money  will pay for a crisp white shirt, I mean it’s just a white shirt! When my eye spied some fancy witches hats and I was intrigued. A closer look and I discovered these  where just your basic run of the mill black witch hat that they had attached feather boas and jeweled spiders and the like and now they were charging fifty plus dollars for these, and I was like I can spend less and make a better product for sure!

So when I got home I went to Joann Fabric and began my quest for items for my hat. I found some fancy black lace with rhinestones sown in and I decided that was the fabric I would use it. This was the most expensive part of my project since the fabric was twenty-five dollars a yard, however it was on sale for sixty percent off so I got two yards for less than the original price of one! Found some other great deals on some fuzzy black yarn. My next stop was Pier One, and found some cool floral branches with orange and black shoots and little black cats all over. I know when it was produced they probably never thought it would show up on a witch hat, but hey not everyone’s brain works like mine. Again it was on sale, I very rarely buy anything that is not on sale in my craft projects, I think I spent maybe three of four bucks. Lastly I made a Dollar tree stop got some plastic spiders and other plastic Halloween chotchkies knowing whatever I did not use could go it my pumpkin bucket. What is my pumpkin buck, you might ask? All in good time my dear reader, this blog is about my witch’s hat.

So now that I had all of the goodies for my project back home I flew to get my crafting on! First I needs to decide on the shape of my hat, was I going to leave it straight  or give it a scrunch, I decided I liked the scrunch look so I put in a stitch and gave it a little stuffing to keep the shape. Next I attached the material to the brim and then bent the floral sprig around the cone of the hat lastly I attached a few spiders. I have used this had for many years and with many different witch versions. I love knowing that no matter how many witches show up and the party none of them will be wearing a hat quite like mine!





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