It’s Time to Make a Wreath

Yeas the Season is upon us, and I’m not sure if there is a bigger crafty season than Christmas, and I freakin’ love it! I mean I have always love the Christmas season and it might be that it is one of the first times we are taught to really express ourselves through crafting. Think about it how many ornaments did you create for your family members. I can still count them because my mother still pulls them out and hangs them on the tree. So perhaps this is how I learned that crafting a gift with love is often better than buying something from a store.

One of the easiest gifts to create is a wreath, I have made so made so many over the years both seasonal and everyday. So when my work place gave me the opportunity to craft for a cause by making a wreath for a silent auction I jumped at the chance. They provide a basic green wreath and you do the rest and one hundred percent of the proceeds go to the Stroke camp put on by the local Franciscan hospital.

So I picked up my basic green wreath and set out the make it amazing, I mean the whole idea is the raise funds so I’m going to do my best to get bids. Last year I went super classy with blues and silvers and a couple of shiny ornaments to complete the theme, I called it Believe and it did very well coming in second or maybe third place. I was happy with that finish since it was my first year making one for this event.

last years wreath

This year I wanted to go with a bit more whimsy, and if you are a follower of this blog you might have guessed wheat my theme would be; Gnome for the Holidays! So made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby for some fabric and bits and bobbles and away I went.

First and foremost when making any synthetic wreath you must start with a good fluffing. My wreath looked sad and skinny and frankly cheap, seeing that the hospital gives them to you I’m guessing they are. Sometimes when you look at these wreathes it is hard to see the hidden potential but trust me it is there I mean if I can take this sad guy to glory anything is possible.undressed wreath

So after a good fluffing and I can’t stress enough that you need to spend time and just keep spreading out the wreath you’ll get more room to work with and create a better shape if you take your time. I sat the wreath aside to make my holiday gnome and he was constructed much as the others only he got the wonderful red green and white gear that is so festive this time of year. Once he was created I was ready to begin assembly of the wreath. I like to start with any garland first, I was fortunate enough to find the cutest fuzzy ball garland that just made me smile.  So I loosely placed it throughout the wreath, I never place anything  permanently until I am happy with the look of the whole wreath. I might use some wire to keep it where I want it but that can always be removed and objects placed elsewhere if I decide the look needs changing. Next I decide where my focal pieces will be, I’m a big fan of  one to two focal pieces to tie the wreath together much like a rug does for a room. After this it’s adding any other small bits to wreath to fill in other spaces you feel need filling. I had some battery operated stare lights I thought would add a nice touch also I had a sparkly spray of swirls in the right color scheme so I tossed them behind the gnome. Lastly I sprinkled on a few star peppermints to tie in with the fabric I used on the gnome. Once I was happy with all the spacing on the wreath I either tied items down with florist wire or hot glued them in place, and I stepped back to look it over I must say I am a fame of the outcome.

gnome wreath 2

So if you are interested in bidding on this wreath it is on display at the Lafayette Franciscan East hospital, formerly St. Elizabeth, and the bidding goes from November 30 to December 12 at 3 pm, also there will be many other offerings which might catch your eye if my wreath is not your cup of tea. Either way just a reminder one hundred percent of the proceeds go to the Stroke Camp.


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