Party Scape for Less than Fifty Bucks

Recently one of my work pals retired and we decided to throw a party at work to celebrate her. It would be a lunchtime carry-in so the food was all brought in my coworkers which is awesome because I work with some fabulous cooks! I was asked if I would do the decorations and since it is post-Christmas and pre Spring I am always looking for something to craft to keep me out of trouble so of course I jumped at the chance. I was told her favorite color was purple and with this information I was unleashed to do my crazy crafting thing.

I started at the Dollar Tree, because this store brings me the best ratio of flashes of crafty brilliance for my buck…literally. So as I walked up and down the aisle I kept my eyes peeled for inspiration and I found it in the form of some old school glass vases. I snatched up two deep blue/purple and one clear. Then I made my way to the picture frames because I had  seen an idea on Pinterest that I thought I try. I also found some of those plastic frames that you often see at restaurants that are one piece of plastic into which they slide weekly specials. I was a little bummed out because I did not find placemats and tablecloths to fit my theme but I was not done on my crafting excursion so on I went to my next stop.

Hobby Lobby did not disappoint when it came to my color needs I went straight to the scrapbook paper, which was on sale, and got a lovely selection of purples and blues in both solids and patterns I love doing all sorts of stuff with this paper mainly because I have a metric ton left over from my scrapbooking day, but wouldn’t you know I did not have much in the way of blues and purples. Most likely this is due to the fact that I too like this color scheme and there for use it early and often when crafting. I also picked up some sparkle tulle and then I was on my way.

Next stop was to Ollie’s, I hope everyone has enjoyed the odd wonderment of a Ollie’s warehouse. This store seems to by large lots of whatever they think might sell from wherever overstock lots are sold. I really wasn’t there for craft stuff, more just looking at all the odd food stuffs and other things they carry when I hit gold! They had a bunch of plastic table clothes in a box, now I had to dig to the very bottom but there they were my purple table clothes!

Husband at ollies

I was feeling pretty happy with my finds as I headed to Meijer, but still had not found the placemats I was hoping for. I really like to use them to set the centerpieces on, much like a good rug, they really tie the room together. While I was doing my weekly grocery shopping I spotted the perfect placemats for my color scheme, so I snatched up three. I was nearly giddy with crafting glee as I checked out and headed home to craft!

I started with the glass vases and artificial flowers I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I done a similar craft for a Baby Shower where I hot glued flowers to the rim of the vase. This time I added blooms to the center as well and for three dollars a piece I feel like they turned out rather sweetly.



Next I tackled the frames and sparkle tulle that I wanted to turn into these frame crosses I have seen on Pinterest. Now the ones I have seen were done with larger frames meant to be hung on walls, I needed to scale this down to a table scape size. First I cut some of my pretty scrapbook paper to fit in the frame. Next I had to decide how many layers of the tulle I would need to give the look I was going for. Lastly I needed to put something over the center where you have to pinch the fabric to create the cross like look. I had some extra silk flowers left from the vases so I decided I would just put a bloom in the center, which would tie nicely in with the vases.


Last craft was using the plastic restaurant frames. Firstly I went to the internet for some nice quotes on retirement. Anytime I can sneak the written word into my decorating I jump at it, it makes me feel like I am using my degree in Literature. So after reading more than my share of “inspiring quotes” I finally found a few I liked, I printed them out in pretty colors, not sure of you can hear it but this is where my husband will be screaming about the price of ink, you can do what I do and just ignore the rant. I then framed these quotes in more of that pretty scrapbook paper and slide them into the frames, boom! Super cute and less than $1.50 a piece, even with the cost of ink!



I in all I spent around forty-five dollars for all the items I used to put together this party scape and I was so happy with the way it came together. You should know I am big believer in symmetry so as you can see each table has one placemat, one vase two fancy tulle frames and two quotes. Also I love a little extra bling so I tossed on some plastic gems, another Dollar Tree find. In the end it was all for my friend and she loved it so that’s what truly matters. I loved doing this and I did not have to break the bank to do it, so neither do you!

Finished room

Until next time keep it crafty people!

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