Ten Cent Cat Tape and the Upcycling It Inspired

Recently my mother gave me a roll of that fun decorative duct tape that she picked up at Target for ten whole cents. When I am gifted such an item I see it as a challenge, what can I do with this roll of tape to make it worth having. Because even though the tape was only ten cents I believe it is not a deal if you don’t use it. So now I have to find a way to use this, oh did I mentioned it is covered in cats wearing various styles of glasses. So weird that this was on sale, right?

My first creation is a pen holder made out of a Mentos container. I have done this before with spray paint but this was TONS easier, granted there are some issues with how the tape lays but that is just because, this was my first time working with this medium. So for popping my decorative tape cherry, I was pretty happy with the finished product. I hot glued some fuzzy beads on the top just to give it a finished look.

cate tape pen holder

Now I’m looking for any and all things I can cover in this wonderful tape, and my husband is hiding things like the remote control and the cat. I did managed to find something appropriate, it was a container I had been hanging on to for sometime because I could not think of what I wanted to do with it. I just knew that this bread crumb container wanted to be reborn through the miracle of craft, so I hoarded it a way with the other containers I refuse to part with for the same reason. In an instant I knew this containers next life would be as a plastic bag holder covered in this wonderful tape. I had seen many versions of the plastic bag holder on Pinterest and as my mountain of plastic bags began to take over my craft space I decide it was time to find a better way to store this bags, because bags of bags was not working. I grabbed my container and started to put the tape on it…wrong. I needed to take of the wrapper that said bread crumbs first otherwise you can see them under the tape. So once that was done I put the tape on and cut an X in the top, I added some felt letters that I hot glued on to complete the project. I went back to Pinterest for the correct way to roll up the bags and that was all there was to it.

bag holder

I realize I came late to the decorative tape game, but I really it and now that it is not as popular you can get a really great deal on it. I count that as the crafting trifecta; cheap, easy and fun. Anybody else having fun with deco tape, what did you make? I’d love to hear, until next time stay craft people!


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