Random Acts of Crafting

So I saw this super cute wreath on Pinterest and I thought that it super fun for Spring and pretty easy. I also had a new coworker who has been nothing but a wonderful breath of fresh air and I was trying to think of something to do for her. Well she inherited an office and has been working on making the space fell a bit more like hers. I walk past this office many times a day and noticed a while back that it has a wreath hook on the door so I thought I would make a wreath to hang on it. Seems every Spring I get in the mood to do random acts of crafting and I blame May Day for this. As a child we were taught to make cones and fill them with flowers and hang them on our neighbors bushes and trees as a way to brighten their day. Well I still love the idea of crafting anonymously and trying to brighten someone’s day.

Off I went on my search for the items I would need for this project, first stop Dollar Tree. I found the green ten inch foam wreath form but no yarn or flower ribbon. In fact I struck out all over the town in which I live. Granted I do not live in a huge city, I live in fly over country in a college town large enough to have what I need most of the time, just not this time. I then moved on to good old Amazon, here is a little tip that some of you may already know, if you use the website smile.amazon.com you can choose a charity and Amazon donates ten percent of every order to that charity. My choice is the National Kidney Foundation, but they have tons to choose from so give it a thought always a nice feeling to give back a little when you can.

So I searched through many different green fuzzy yarn and finally decided one this lovely lime green skein.  Next I went looking for daisy chain ribbon, again so many choices. I am not a huge pink fan and the person I had in mind for this wreath did not strike me as a person who loved the pink, so I went with these super sweet white and yellow ones that just make me smile every time I see them. That was all I needed to purchase as I have plenty of glue sticks for construction and tons of scrapbook paper for the little embellishments.

To start you tie one end of the yarn to your foam wreath form and then you begin winding it around. I did not keep this a uniform process which was actually difficult for me, but I found that if some where close together and then you left a little space it allowed the fuzziness of the yarn to look more grass like. Also try not over lap the fuzzy too much, it will happen a little but obviously the idea is to have a fluffy wreath. I did once around fairly close together and then did another lap with some wider strides. The second round is more about finding holes and filling them in. Once I was done with my second lap my husband told me it looked like the Grinch’s butthole, and while this was not the look I was going for it is a pretty apt description. Next I fired up the hot glue gun and began placing daisy, this is totally up to the maker; add more or use less what ever you like best. While you are placing the daisies now is a good time to decide which end is up and be sure to leave a space for a ribbon hanger. Lastly I created the little signs for the wreath out of scrapbook paler and toothpicks. The sign “Bare Feet Welcome” did not seem to work for this wreath so I went for “Be Happy” “Be Blessed”. I am super happy wit the way it turned out and my coworker was so pleased and it really made her happy.

I hope you all take a little time and create something for someone for no reason other than to see them smile. These random acts of crafting will feed your soul and spread happiness through out your world and couldn’t we all use a little more of that! Until next time stay crafty my friends!


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