Quick and Easy Patriotic Wreath

So as most of my posts start out I was surfing Pinterest and I found an easy patriotic wreath that cost nearly nothing and looked pretty easy so I hopped in the car and headed to The Dollar Tree. There I picked up one green foam wreath form, a stars and stripped plastic tablecloth, and two more tablecloths one red one white. I took my treasures home and got to chopping up tablecloths!

First I cut apart the stars and stripped tablecloth. I separated the stars and cut this section into twelve inch by one and a half inch strips. I left the stripe portion in a long piece that was about six inches wide. Next I cut up part of the red tablecloth again into twelve inch strips.

After all the pieces were cut I decided to wind the red and white six inch piece around the green form so that no green would show through. Next I marked off a quarter section and tied all the blue starred strips in this area. Now it was time for stripes, I started with white strips and because these are so thin I doubled them up and tied two sets per stripe and then I did the same with red. I love the way it turned out and it cost only four dollars to make!


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